trailz (trailz) wrote,

first night of VACA...

omg i got so fucked up last nite... it was fun and all, but fucking BULLSHIT..... i like, almost sprained my ankle. i can barely walk right now, i am in SO much fucking pain and i also have this huge gash-like scrape on my knee i just discovered today. i dont know what the fuck happened. i dont remember half the night. i remember all of the places we went...but not in the right order... i remember all the people i hung out with...but i dont remember how i got anywhere. me and katie both got seriously hurt because we were way too drunk. we were falling all over the place everywhere and i remember us trying to punch each others hands as hard as we could. she smacked my hand against my beer bottle which sliced my lip a little bit. thats nothing compared to how FUCKED UP my ankle is. i accidentally backhanded her in the face and also almost cracked her nose with my head. i dont remember the situation, just those details. we were just having fun.
until later, when we went back to sams and katie was throwing up in the bathroom. she kept saying she needed me and sam were helping her up or something, and she fell backwards into the tub..hurt her neck and back and tailbone pretty damn bad. she and i both woke up in excruciating pain, and struggled to remember what the hell we did last night. it all pretty much came together, though. after she fell in the bathtub she wanted to go, get food or something...this was at like 4:30. there was no way she could drive, i really DON'T know what we thought we were trying to do. anyways, we got in the car and sat there for a minute or two, katie was crying because she like FELL right on her spine against the back of the tub. horrible. eventually she just passed out and i walked was a fucking hell of a walk. i met some people on the way home...weird, weird people walk down the roads at 4:30 am... on the way home was when i fucked up my ankle. there i was, stumbling down the road like a fucking haggard drunk when i just fell randomly, twisted my ankle and then fell on it. it hurt like a BITCH. but, i kept on walking and it seems to hurt way more today. maybe i was just too fucked up to notice how much it hurt. but anyways...a VERY fucked up night. im pissed. i have to wear this bandage thing on my right foot and hobble up and down the stairs. whatever.
i also lost my edward scissorhands sweatshirt in these woods we were drinking in earlier in the night. luckily, i found it though. i also lost my bowl, my brush, and my cigarettes. but found them ALL, amazingly, as fucked up as i was. fuckin' a. klonopins suck.
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