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trailz's Journal

19 September
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me in a nutshell:
hmm... an autobiography. the last time i sat and tried to write a long paragraph or two about myself has to have been at least a few years ago. and i've definetely changed a bit since then. well lets see... my name is carol, im 18 and i live in woburn, massachusetts. its definetely the suckiest town i've ever been to. a lot of the people in woburn really suck... oh yeah, and dont let me forget the highschool, which i've gotten kicked out of and left and came back multiple times. they don't know what theyre doing. so yeah, just for the record, woburn highschool sucks. now i go to middlesex community college in bedford and its much better.
but i guess thats not really talking about me. i guess im a pretty random person. my mood changes a lot... i definetely have what some would call an *unusual* sense of humour. always have. its all about having fun. but on the other hand, im really serious when it comes down to it. im pretty deep when i can actually open up, i guess im somewhat emotional also. hmh. thats me in a nutshell. theres way more to know, but just read my journal.