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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
8:14 am
"you are one sixing, sevening, monkey-fiver! you think your one don't stink? well three off, ya threein' three!"
taste the rainbow
Monday, August 17th, 2009
7:26 pm
convo from 7years ago
tRiPi HiPi 043: cause those kids followed me and beth back in a van
P E p S i 0 4 3: and the gas that you never got
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmao oh GOd
tRiPi HiPi 043: yeah
tRiPi HiPi 043: paid llike 3. 00
tRiPi HiPi 043: couldnt figure out how to pump it
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: lmao i know how the fuck
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmfao
P E p S i 0 4 3: did that happen
tRiPi HiPi 043: i do NOT know
P E p S i 0 4 3: and yhou were barefoot
tRiPi HiPi 043: its not like i hadnt pumped gas 204834 times before that too
tRiPi HiPi 043: yah i had no shoes no sock
P E p S i 0 4 3: i KNOW
tRiPi HiPi 043: i drove thru the bank drive through
P E p S i 0 4 3: and did you walkin there like that
tRiPi HiPi 043: went over a curb
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmao
tRiPi HiPi 043: yeah
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmao
P E p S i 0 4 3: walked into the gasstation barefoot tripping ... buy a gallon of gas and forget to pump it
tRiPi HiPi 043: i was walkin around outside after i paid tryna figure out how to get the gas i paid for INTO the car
tRiPi HiPi 043: i didnt forget TO pump it... i forgot HOW
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: you thot you pumped it... but you didnt
tRiPi HiPi 043: and beth sure as hell didnt know
tRiPi HiPi 043: no i knew i didnt
P E p S i 0 4 3: i know ... BETH
tRiPi HiPi 043: cause i couldnt figure it out
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmao
tRiPi HiPi 043: i knew i never got any
tRiPi HiPi 043: i stayed there for a good 10 minutes trying
taste the rainbow
Thursday, July 9th, 2009
11:09 am - lmao..shaking my head in disgrace
mark pryor: " iduno what happened..
bill maher: "but it couldnt possibly have been...adam and eve 5000 years ago with the talking snake in a garden could it?
mark pryor: "well, it could've possibly been."
bill maher: "come on"
mark pryor: "well.."
bill maher: "see this is my problem. youre a senator, you are one of the very few people who are really running this country. it worries me that people are running my country, who think, who believe in a talking snake..."
mark pryor: "uh, you don't have to pass an IQ test to be on the senate though."
taste the rainbow
Thursday, January 31st, 2008
10:59 am

theyre so cute
taste the rainbow
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
12:27 pm - actually interesting
1. ROCK STAR NAME:(first pet, current car):
Virgil Taurus

2. GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):
cookie dough superstars

3. NATIVE AMERICAN NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal):
black tiger

4. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born in):
Anne Winchester

5. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name)

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (The 2nd favorite color, favorite drink):
White Water

7. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
William Russell

8. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy bar)
Pure Poison take 5...lol

10. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city/State that starts with the same letter):
uhh... Kelly Kansas

11. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Fall Rose

12. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now)
Strawberry sweater

taste the rainbow
Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
2:12 pm - yourejustalittleboy...allyoudo is annoy
more than most
ready to smile
and love life
and she knows how to believe
in futures

taste the rainbow
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
12:54 am
Did you just wake up?

What color shirt are you wearing?

Last movie you watched?
Helter Skelter

Last thing you ate?
a banana

Last thing you drank?

Who’s car were you in last?

Where did you sleep last night?
my bed

Are you happy right now?
yeah pretty happy

What did you say last?

Where is your phone?
across the room

What color are your eyes?

How was your weekend?
friday night i cant really remember what i did, saturday night was wicked fun...me and sand got trashed at terrences and then came home watched saved by the bell and picked our buzz back up, and then we got fried all day sunday and ordered food and watched some fucked up movie

When was the last time you had your heart broken?

Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
my limited income

What is your favorite store?
i dont think i have one

What day is it today?
monday technically tuesday

What were you doing at midnight last night?
not much

Are you left-handed?

Do you have any expensive jewelery?
not diamonds or anything

What’s for dinner tonight?
i ate some chicken.

What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
bud light yesterday

When is your birthday?
september 19

How tall are you?
Like 5'3"

Where was the last place you went shopping?
i dont like this question right now

Myspace or Facebook?

What are you listening to?


Do you have T-Mobile?

Where do your cousins live?
all over the state and country

Are you an only child or do you have siblings?

Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?

What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
gross, the powers out.

Do you drink beer?
yes im a beer person

What was your favorite subject in school?

Do you smile a lot?

Do you have any talents?
not this again

Have you ever been in a wedding?

Do you have any children?

Did you take a nap today?

Have you been to New York City?

Ever met someone famous?
staind. i THINK thats about it

Do you want to be famous one day?
not really

Are you multitasking now?

Ever been to Las Vegas?
Not yet

What are you doing today?
iduno yet

Have you ever been gambling?
not really

When is the last time you updated your blog?

Ever been to Disneyland/world?
sadly no

Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

Last thing you cooked?

Are you excited?
not particularly

last time you cried?
like a year ago

 Last time you were sick?
in like february

what car do you drive?
94 found on road dead taurus

Do you think anyone will repost this?
taste the rainbow
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
12:05 pm - [old enough to know better/still too young to care]
no work today stonie
taste the rainbow
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
2:33 pm - i am a tiger
taste the rainbow
Monday, October 9th, 2006
5:30 pm
well imagine
as im pacing the pews in a church corridor and i cant help but to hear
no i cant help but to HEAR an exchanging of WORDS
what a beautiful wed-ding
what a beautiful wedding, says a bridesmaid to a waiter
yes but what a shame
what a shame the poor grooms bride is a WHORE

i chimed in witha havent you people ever heard of
closing the god damned door, no
its much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of poise and rationality
its much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of poise and rationality,I CHIMED IN
closing the GOD DAMNED DOOR, NO
its much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of hope
well ill look at it this way i mean technically our marriage is saved
well this calls for

a toast so

pour the champagne

well in fact
well ill look at it this way i mean technically our marriage is saved
well this calls for a toast so pour the champagne, pour the champagne

its much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of poise and rationality-I-CHIMED-IN
haventchu people ever HEARD OF???
closing the GOD DAMNED DOOR,NO
its much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of hope
taste the rainbow
Thursday, August 17th, 2006
6:06 pm
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taste the rainbow
Monday, August 14th, 2006
6:08 am
well, I've walked these streets
a virtual stage,
it seemed to me
makeup on their faces
actors took their places next to me

well, I've walked these streets
in a carnival, of sights to see
all the cheap thrill seekers
vendors and the dealers
they crowded around me

1-Have I been blind have I been lost
Inside myself and my own mind
Hypnotized, mesmerized by what my eyes have seen?
taste the rainbow
Saturday, August 12th, 2006
10:22 pm - number munchers
westie milestone: what do you want at b&n
P E p S i 0 4 3: LOOK at this
westie milestone: partay monstuh is on tomorrow morning at 10:30 and at 8 PM
P E p S i 0 4 3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_Munchers
P E p S i 0 4 3: i want saved by the bell dvd
westie milestone: NUMBER MUNCHER!!!!
westie milestone: OH MY GOD! LMFAO i remember that NAME
P E p S i 0 4 3: YES!!!!
westie milestone: lmfao
P E p S i 0 4 3: SCOTT remembers all theswe games too
westie milestone: i think that was my FAVORITE
westie milestone: OH MY GOD
westie milestone: LMFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: like you die if you eat a number thats too big or some shit
P E p S i 0 4 3: LMA-F-O
westie milestone: NUMBER MUNCHERS!
westie milestone: LMFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: dude
westie milestone: LMFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: these games are filed so deeply within my memory filing cabinets
P E p S i 0 4 3: that i just VAGULY rmemger them
westie milestone: I REMEMBER I LOVED IT
westie milestone: LMFAO
westie milestone: MEMORY FILING CABINETS
westie milestone: LMFAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: you have to like eat certain numbers
P E p S i 0 4 3: but you cant eat
P E p S i 0 4 3: like
P E p S i 0 4 3: NO EATING ODD numbers
P E p S i 0 4 3: and shit like that
P E p S i 0 4 3: you can play it on virtual apple
P E p S i 0 4 3: its under 'n'
westie milestone: BUT I CANT
westie milestone: I DONT HAVE THE THING
westie milestone: LMAO
P E p S i 0 4 3: ordell lake dude
taste the rainbow
Monday, August 7th, 2006
10:01 am
i am so fucking broke for california this sucks ass.
taste the rainbow
Friday, August 4th, 2006
8:45 pm - useless blob
taste the rainbow
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
8:26 pm - trailz
You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!
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Saturday, July 1st, 2006
1:42 pm - first night of VACA...
omg i got so fucked up last nite... it was fun and all, but fucking BULLSHIT..... i like, almost sprained my ankle. i can barely walk right now, i am in SO much fucking pain and i also have this huge gash-like scrape on my knee i just discovered today. i dont know what the fuck happened. i dont remember half the night. i remember all of the places we went...but not in the right order... i remember all the people i hung out with...but i dont remember how i got anywhere. me and katie both got seriously hurt because we were way too drunk. we were falling all over the place everywhere and i remember us trying to punch each others hands as hard as we could. she smacked my hand against my beer bottle which sliced my lip a little bit. thats nothing compared to how FUCKED UP my ankle is. i accidentally backhanded her in the face and also almost cracked her nose with my head. i dont remember the situation, just those details. we were just having fun.
until later, when we went back to sams and katie was throwing up in the bathroom. she kept saying she needed foodie...so me and sam were helping her up or something, and she fell backwards into the tub..hurt her neck and back and tailbone pretty damn bad. she and i both woke up in excruciating pain, and struggled to remember what the hell we did last night. it all pretty much came together, though. after she fell in the bathtub she wanted to go, get food or something...this was at like 4:30. there was no way she could drive, i really DON'T know what we thought we were trying to do. anyways, we got in the car and sat there for a minute or two, katie was crying because she like FELL right on her spine against the back of the tub. horrible. eventually she just passed out and i walked home...it was a fucking hell of a walk. i met some people on the way home...weird, weird people walk down the roads at 4:30 am... on the way home was when i fucked up my ankle. there i was, stumbling down the road like a fucking haggard drunk when i just fell randomly, twisted my ankle and then fell on it. it hurt like a BITCH. but, i kept on walking and it seems to hurt way more today. maybe i was just too fucked up to notice how much it hurt. but anyways...a VERY fucked up night. im pissed. i have to wear this bandage thing on my right foot and hobble up and down the stairs. whatever.
i also lost my edward scissorhands sweatshirt in these woods we were drinking in earlier in the night. luckily, i found it though. i also lost my bowl, my brush, and my cigarettes. but found them ALL, amazingly, as fucked up as i was. fuckin' a. klonopins suck.

current mood: thirsty
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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
2:54 pm
look at how happy we all were & how much fun we were all having!!
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Monday, November 28th, 2005
7:15 pm - im updating my *trailz* journal
i went to avalon on saturday and paulie oakenfoldie was there and it was a real good time yes indeed... some girl and some guy kept buying me and krissy beers and on the way home we met some random dudes on 93 and chilled with them
it was quite the interesting night
i guess paul is gona be @NY avalon on new years eve... its costs like $70 though so unfortunately i'll be missing that.
uhh... i have to work 11 hours tomorrow and that's really gona suck ass.
i am waiting for terrence to come over to chill and drink a few smoke a few and then i am gona make myself some food and try to fall asleep at a reasonable hour
'cause i have to get up at fucking 5:00 tomorrow morning.
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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
10:48 pm - im seriously fucking real glad i crack myself up
tRiPi HiPi 043: i am so bucking FORED
tRiPi HiPi 043: lol.
P E p S i 0 4 3: yes yes
P E p S i 0 4 3: i wan degrossi to be on
P E p S i 0 4 3: scott is sleeping
tRiPi HiPi 043: a bucking FORD... an old-ass ford f-150 bucking down the highway
tRiPi HiPi 043: its gon be on at 1030 or some shit
P E p S i 0 4 3: lmafo
tRiPi HiPi 043: lmfao, yeah.
tRiPi HiPi 043: im cracking up
P E p S i 0 4 3: i know somebody who drives an OLDass f150
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